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Jane PortmanΒ β€” Founder @uibreakfast, @TinyReminderApp
My dear friends, so excited to see this little tool launch on Product Hunt! And thanks Charlie for hunting this. We hope Tiny Reminder will help you feel good while being more productive with clients. No one likes nagging busy people, and we'll do exactly that on your behalf!

Should you have any questions, comments, or ideas β€” we're all yours to answer.
Jamie LawrenceΒ β€” Consultant CTO, Rails developer
@uibreakfast @benediktdeicke congrats on the launch and getting this out the door so quickly. What's it been, about 2 months?

Have you thought about integrations in the future? So you could have an automated workflow through Zapier of: Book appointment in Calendly => Files/details requested in Tiny Reminder => Files synced to my local Dropbox
Jane PortmanΒ β€” Founder @uibreakfast, @TinyReminderApp
@ideasasylum Thank you Jamie! Yep, a bit under 3 months from the idea inception.

We also think that Zapier integration is a must, since people do all kinds of automation these days. In fact, it's already far in the works, thanks to the amazing @benediktdeicke
Benedikt DeickeΒ β€” Maker of Stage CMS & Consultant
@ideasasylum @uibreakfast Thanks a lot, Jamie!

We've got the Zapier integration in the works. We just did not want it to keep us from launching. ;-) The workflow you have in mind will be possible as soon as the integration's done.
Benedikt DeickeΒ β€” Maker of Stage CMS & Consultant
Thanks a lot for hunting Tiny Reminder, Charlie!

Working on this project was definitely one of the best experiences in 2016. I'm super excited that we're able to make it available for everyone today.

Please don't hesitate to post any feedback you might have. We'd love hear it!
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