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Jane PortmanMaker@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
My dear friends, so excited to see this little tool launch on Product Hunt! And thanks Charlie for hunting this. We hope Tiny Reminder will help you feel good while being more productive with clients. No one likes nagging busy people, and we'll do exactly that on your behalf! Should you have any questions, comments, or ideas — we're all yours to answer.
Jamie Lawrence@ideasasylum · 💻 📈 🏊 🇮🇪 🐠 🐈
@uibreakfast @benediktdeicke congrats on the launch and getting this out the door so quickly. What's it been, about 2 months? Have you thought about integrations in the future? So you could have an automated workflow through Zapier of: Book appointment in Calendly => Files/details requested in Tiny Reminder => Files synced to my local Dropbox
Jane PortmanMaker@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
@ideasasylum Thank you Jamie! Yep, a bit under 3 months from the idea inception. We also think that Zapier integration is a must, since people do all kinds of automation these days. In fact, it's already far in the works, thanks to the amazing @benediktdeicke
Benedikt DeickeMaker@benediktdeicke · Maker of Stage CMS & Consultant
@ideasasylum @uibreakfast Thanks a lot, Jamie! We've got the Zapier integration in the works. We just did not want it to keep us from launching. ;-) The workflow you have in mind will be possible as soon as the integration's done.
Benedikt DeickeMaker@benediktdeicke · Maker of Stage CMS & Consultant
Thanks a lot for hunting Tiny Reminder, Charlie! Working on this project was definitely one of the best experiences in 2016. I'm super excited that we're able to make it available for everyone today. Please don't hesitate to post any feedback you might have. We'd love hear it!
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
I love it when domain experts build a following over a long period of time, notice problems their audience is experiencing and then build a product to solve that problem. It's a fantastic way to create a product, but it's not for the fainthearted and takes a *lot* of work. I've been following Jane's work for a while and recently read her excellent UI audit book. The book doesn't over complicate things but just gives actionable insights. Tiny Reminder is very similar, definitely a Jane Portman product. I don't know Benedikt's work as well, but I know Jane was super excited to have him on board, so it looks like a stellar team. Congrats on the launch guys, I'll be keeping an eye on how this goes 👍
Jane PortmanMaker@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
@fredrivett Thank you so much for the kind words Fred! Indeed, it's a great pleasure to "practice what you preach" — glad there are people (like you) who value the result 😀
Brendon Rell@brendonrell · Founder at Barter Market
I've definitely encountered more than a few times (including once this week) where having an app to play 'bad cop' for this exact scenario would have been hugely helpful. Great stuff!
Jane PortmanMaker@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
@brendonto Fantastic, that's exactly the goal 👍 Especially if you have several people to chase at once. Thank you Brendon!
Hau Ngo@hau_ngo · Analytics Architect
Tiny Reminder is the app that's been missing from my workflow. So simple and easy to use. No more flagging emails and moving things in/out of my to-do list. Just make the task once in Tiny Reminder and it gently follows up with my contacts until the job's done. I'm already using it to onboard guests to my podcast (asking for bio, profile picture, contact info, etc) and I plan to introduce it to my consulting clients. Future integrations with Calendly would be amazing!
Jane PortmanMaker@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
@hau_ngo Thank you soooo much Hau! 🙌 Calendly will be fully linked when we integrate with Zapier, meanwhile you can work around by including a to-do with a Calendly link in it (I do it for podcast guests).