Tiny memoirs

Save your memoirs via texts

This is pretty cool. As the service is free how big of a 'memoir' can you build? What if I did an entry everyday? Is this available internationally?
@bentossell theoretically, the size of each memoir can be a maximum of 1GB ;). So nothing to worry about size. You can upload images too. There is no cap on usage limit. Feel free to use as much as you want :) And the service will remain FREE for the functionality provided right now. Currently its available only in US!
cool stuff. i've got a 16 month old daughter. we live in Asia and grandma and auntie live in Australia. We've got GBs of messaging with pics that I'd love to save. The messages with the pics act as captions to life. They need to be together. Seems like this service offers that. Physical printing service might be an option in the future me thinks.
@geoffpreece Very true! Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)
Hello PH! Tiny memoirs is a tiny private journal for saving your little moments in life, whenever and wherever. Simply text your memoirs to (650) 667-8469 (currently limited only to the United States). At any point of time you can login to view your timeline or have your entire tiny memoir journal sent to your email. Happy to answer questions, if any :)
How cool. A good way to keep an honest record without the pressure to curate like we do on social media.
Very interesting way to maintain memories! Interested to check it out as it simplifies the process. Less friction, More Value!