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#3 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2015
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The inspiration for this project came from a really tight-knit Slack group I'm in (Product People Club). We're always sharing little marketing tips + tweaks with each other. These are activities that typically take 15 minutes to do, but can add up to big improvements for a product business. So I thought: "Why not create a service that emails a (small) tactic every day?" That's how Tiny Wins was born.
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@mijustin do you ever stop making?! haha Two weeks ago you launched Marketing for Developers which got a great response on PH! How do you have time for it all and what compels you to keep making? Keep up the great work!
@bentossell @mijustin I'm willing to lay 10-1 odds that Justin does some twisted form of polyphasic sleep! :-P
@bentossell oh man. Well, a lot of nights I work super late (like lately). I also try to give my self 1-2 "project goals" a day. I've been doing this journaling thing that @mikevardy recommended: every night I go over what I accomplished, and set a few goals for hte next day.
@sharefloapp if you're starting out, focus as much energy as you can on content (blog posts) + email (preferably a drip email course).
@mijustin on your landing page you mention that you will test something every day - does that mean on us? Or will you be reporting back on things your businesses have done? Or maybe even taking marketing problems from your subscribers' businesses and testing those?
Can you share with us your favorite marketing tip from this? :)
@_willshan I just finished writing this tip:
Just subscribed @mijustin. Good idea. But I still miss your Product People podcast :)
@amiranywhere shhhh. I'm starting something new in 2016: http://megamaker.co
@mijustin @amiranywhere Maybe something that you can get Gina Trapani and http://makerba.se to come on as a guest speaker!
We recently launched a daily newsletter which went down really well (much better than expected!), so there's definitely a place for this sort of thing. I'm a big fan of daily small actionable chunks so this should be good 👍
Like the idea! Way better than digging through an RSS feed.