Tiny Habit

Cute habit tracker with simple design and motivation card.

Tiny Habit is a cute and simple habit tracking app. You only need to create a habit and click the card when it's done. Picture on the motivation card changes every time based on habit name, we think it may be interesting. Hope you like it.
At first, I just wanted to develop good habits, such as sleep and get up early. If there is an app to help me record it can be motivated. I don't need the weekly, monthly statistics or habit group, and hope it can be neat and colorful. so here come the Tiny Habit!
The simplicity of the app is really intriguing, but it'd be great if the medals wall was included in the tutrorial (like how much it takes to reach each one) & if there were more habit icons.
@lina_sws If you click the medal, it will show how many days it needs. We will consider to make it more clear.
This would be awesome on iPhone!! Bring it to iOS 🙌🏼
@flyconte We will if we can have an ios engineer in the future. :D
So cute! Would definitely use this on iOS.