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I was excited when this came out for the iPhone, and bummed when it didn't make it Android. Now I'm double bummed it made it to a browser before Android. With that said, I like the design, I dig the animations (which draw you in, engage you, and they're fun), and I see the diamond in the rough. Couple things that came to mind: - It took me a bit to figure out how to use it and what the point was. That may seem stupid, but here is the problem. With someone just getting started, there are no favorites, no people I follow. I'm basically left with the top nav, and search. However, as a new user, I unless I know what Tinycards is for, and I know what to look for, I'm dropped on the homepage with no coach tips, tutorial, or direction. - As a new user, I wouldn't be sure if it's a language learning tool, a fact learning tool, or something else, because I have nothing that tells me what to do. I get that it's a simple website and a simple tool, but if you want to keep users around, lower the barrier to entry and tell them what to do. On that note... - What I was really excited for was to have flash cards for the language I'm learning. I was expecting a set of official cards for that language I could trust, from Duolingo. I don't want other people's cards; I don't know if they are correct. There is a sense of trust built in when a deck is made by Duolingo/Tinycards. I looked through other people's and noticed some errors and it ruined it for me. I know it probably wasn't MVP for the Duolingo/Tinycards integration, but that was what I was expecting. A genuine deck from Duolingo of Danish cards. Take my feedback with a grain of salt, but others might have the same experience.
@alecfokapu @hellosmoore Imagine trying to figure out what the point and what it is if you don't even know what Duolingo is. - Frantic Soon to be Dad With No Time or Patience.
@luisvonahn Big fan of Duolingo! Did you guys use a hybrid mobile framework for Tiny Cards or is the app native? Curious if you had to remake it for web.
Love this!
Love these guys. The App was so cool, and it's time for web.