Tiny Cards by Duolingo - Web

Learn languages with this flash card app, now on the web

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Shannon Moore
@hellosmoore · Product Manager @ HomeAdvisor
I was excited when this came out for the iPhone, and bummed when it didn't make it Android. Now I'm double bummed it made it to a browser before Android. With that said, I like the design, I dig the animations (which draw you in, engage you, and they're fun), and I see the diamond in the rough. Couple things that came to mind: - It took me a bit to figure … See more
Robleh Jama
@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
@luisvonahn Big fan of Duolingo! Did you guys use a hybrid mobile framework for Tiny Cards or is the app native? Curious if you had to remake it for web.
Renz Bernardo
Love this!
Sergey Pirogov
@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
Love these guys. The App was so cool, and it's time for web.