Tiny Calm

A beautifully simple meditation app. 100% free and ad-free.

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HI there, solo coder and designer here :) It's my first app, started to learn programming code 2 months ago and spend a couple hours each night on it after my day job. Reasons I made this app: - most of the meditation apps I tried either cost money (up front or in upgrades) or are free but have ads that distracted - hadn't found a nice clean design without lots of extra features or baggage (don't want to share to facebook, or configure countdown or need fancy video etc) - I meditate often but sometimes forget to continue and skip days - wanted an app that would encourage but not nag - meditation helps me stay de-stressed so I wanted to make an app and spread the benefits to more ppl Next step is Android version and also improvements based on your feedback... any comments?
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