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Ambient Video Blogging (prototype by Kevin Rose)

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@kevinrose just tweeted a video of a blogging platform prototype (w/ the help of @hemeon and @zinssmeister). Although he states he doesn't have intentions of pursuing this idea, the concept is fascinating to me. Blogging hasn't changed much for the past decade -- it feels like Medium (or others) might be on the cusp of big innovations. Thoughts?
Seems like the average case for this would be pretty boring: someone staring into their laptop camera. I feel the focus should be on the text and when folks want to add context they usually add pictures into the story as it is appropriate. I do like his approach and how he is putting ideas out. I'm sure he will strike onto something eventually.
@FrankDenbow - I agree, the concept as it stands now doesn't really work for me but I like the thinking. How can you create a more compelling reading experience and connection between the reader and writer?
I wouldn't over-bake an implementation - but I think there's an very interesting element to this. Take the unfiltered serendipity (ala Chatroulette) plus curated blogging. Allows you to see what people really were thinking/doing when they were writing the entry. Blogs are about sharing a piece of yourself with the world. I can see loads of tweens watching as Bieber writes his post about something boring. Wonder if you can do it with Web-RTC and a custom tumblr skin?
@xenophin - I typically blog in spurts and rarely finish a piece end-to-end in a single sitting. The time it takes to read is far shorter than it takes to write of course. As an experiment this is really neat but I'm more interested in making blogging more accessible and easier.