Tiny Avengers

Fan made Avengers game looking for Marvel approval

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@on_code You guys are still waiting for the greenlight from Marvel, right? Or did I miss some awesome news?
@russfrushtick Absolutely. It's just a fan-game for now, and we're trying to get Marvel's approval before doing more.
@on_code @russfrushtick Do they actually give approval to projects like these?! Have they done so in the past? How does it work? They certainly won't let you commercially profit from it? Do they buy games like these if they like them? Do they give out rev-share licenses? Would love to hear about this, since a friend of mine has built a similar 8bit Sidescroller with a different disney franchise as a hobby project..
@modore64 Well... Marvel (aka. Disney) is not known for being kind with fan projects. The only thing I can say about previous attempts is : no way. When Marvel/Disney wants to do a game they go and look for a company able to make the game (often crappy imho) for them. If someone comes with a project they did not order the "Cease & Desist" is often applied. So we have very little hopes for this project to become real one day. We have done what we could to warn people about the fact this is not an official Marvel product. Also we tried to limit the possible licensing issues by making the game playable only in web browsers. In case of legal action we would be able to shut down everything immediately, with almost no existing copies somewhere else (piracy is always possible). So far, after 1.5 day, we didn't get any contact from them (or their lawyers). I wrote to Marvel media dept. yesterday morning to be honest and tell them our prototype exists... no answers... Thanks to you and an awesome community, people sent more than 400 tweets directly to Marvel to ask them to make the game real... no answers... The cease & desist is coming in my opinion. You can read more about what happened so far here : https://www.reddit.com/r/marvels... I hope it answers your question.
It looks amazing, I want to have a complete version :)
@crisgarner Thanks Cristian. We'd love to make real game based on this prototype... but... still no news from Marvel :)