TinType by Hipstamatic

Create vintage self portraits w/ Hipstamatic's new photo app

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Sweet. Now I can be like @naveen!
@rrhoover @naveen My thoughts exactly. I'm not sure who was doing this in SF. Was it part of FB's design studio, or a local merchant? At one point, everyone's avatar was this.
@alexhorre @rrhoover @naveen if you guys are looking for a real TinType, check out http://www.michaelshindler.com ... he had an awesome storefront on valencia that recently closed
@rrhoover Oh man. January 1863. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Looks like another cool app from the folks @ Hipstamatic. Love how they stay focused on shipping quality photo apps.
@robjama Thanks for posting TinType to PH!
Excited to see this release. @Hipstamatic is by far my favorite photo app, there's so much that can be accomplished with it.
Glad you guys are enjoying TinType! This one was a total passion build, the guys built it in 4 days :)
this actually works really well! tip: have the subject in them middle of the frame because the app blurs things around the edges.
@hahnbo Tintype uses facial recognition and builds the blur and filter from the eyes out ... so it doesn't need to be dead center ... but it does look really good centered :)
@hahnbo We also have a fallback of sorts -- if it doesn't find eyes but finds a face it still does a focussed blur around the face.