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M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu
M. Serdar KuzuloğluMaker@mserdark · Tech & Trends Editor
HINT: It's possible to transfer your IMDB history & ratings to Tinq in a flash! Check out http://imdb.tinq.co/ (from your mobile device) for instructions & upload process.
Murat Kurt
Murat KurtMaker@smuratkurt · coFounder @ TINQ
Hi there everyone, We have just launched our new app TINQ. We are thrilled to hear about your experiences. TINQ is a fun way to meet with people with similar tastes and get real recommendations. Taking your movie tastes into account TINQ helps you find your taste-mates and enables you to interact with them. By this means you get customised movie ratings and recommendations which you can confidently use in your decision making. You can create your own watch list, share your lists with others. Any questions, comments or feedbacks are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Murat
Muhammed Tüfekyapan
Muhammed Tüfekyapan@mtufekyapan · Founder @LeanMarketingCo
Happy to use it. A nice app with smart features. (Finally get rid of IMDB)
Murat Kurt
Murat KurtMaker@smuratkurt · coFounder @ TINQ
@mtufekyapan Thanks Muhammed. Very glad you like it.
Özgür Alaz
Özgür Alaz@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
@smuratkurt @mtufekyapan "Tinder for movies" would be better description for it.
Murat Kurt
Murat KurtMaker@smuratkurt · coFounder @ TINQ
@ozguralaz @mtufekyapan Thanks Ozgur. Will give some thought to it!
eelco@eelcojellema · startupcosts.co || and much more
As a movie fanatic I'm curious to know how recommendations work. Take a "A single man"—great movie—what other movies would Tinq suggest based on this title?
Murat Kurt
Murat KurtMaker@smuratkurt · coFounder @ TINQ
@eelcojellema Hi. Thanks for the comment. Our approach for recommendation is a form of user-to-user collaborative filtering. But not limited to it. We use a combination of other approaches to improve the prediction performance. Basically, we find people who share similar tastes in TINQ community. The main item of our recommendation system is not the movies but the users. By means of these proximity parameters we provide the user with personalized recommendations. To start getting recommendations we need you to rate at least 15 movies at first. As for your question, rating only this movie does not directly bring you another particular movie recommendation related to it. Instead it helps TINQ to understand your taste pattern better and deliver higher quality recommendations.
gil toledo
gil toledo@gilto1024 · Senior Product Manager @Perion
Seems that I need an invitation code 😳
Murat Kurt
Murat KurtMaker@smuratkurt · coFounder @ TINQ
@gilto1024 Hi. Thanks for reaching out. In the register page just tap on the button at the bottom. You will be granted instantly.
Paolo Perazzo
Paolo PerazzoPro@sivola · Building products, enterprise & consumer
@smuratkurt it says I need to fill all the fields. When I enter a random invitation code it says it's wrong...