Measure heart rate, respiratory rate, & more w/ your finger

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A small, colored square with two round sensors, the Tinke is designed to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and heart rate variability over time. Attach the Tinke to your mobile phone and then place your thumb over the sensors so the device can measure cardiorespiratory levels. Tinke captures blood volume changes from the fingertip using optical sensing and signal processing technologies. It takes thirty seconds to register The device syncs data to the mobile app, allowing users to see how they're doing and to track their personal progress over time. It also provides health baselines so that users can see how they should be doing, fitness-wise. Love their website design!
@kwdinc Thanks for liking our product as well as our website design!
This would be very useful for people who want to track these metrics that measure some aspects of fitness/wellness. Great design. Website answered almost all of my questions. 1) Can Tinke be used by more than one person (separate accounts, one device)? 2) Will it be compatible with iPhone 6 and 6+? 3) Would it be too complicated/difficult/expensive to add a feature, that is, to measure blood pressure? Thanks!
@sandracarden Thanks for your questions. 1) Tinké can be used by more than one person, no problem with that. 2) We tested with iOS 8 and it works nicely. We will see to that the compatibility is kept up to date. 3) The hardest part of measuring blood pressure (to us) is about aligning with the medical regulators and regulations since we will have to rebrand it as a medical device if it happens.