A social networking app to share your voice



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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
This looks pretty nice. Tings is a social networking iOS app that connects people using the most human form of expression, our voice, in a fun and secure way: Fun – Tings offer various voice morphing effects, so that you can choose to speak in a more hilarious voice or one that amplifies your emotion. Secure – More and more people find it a burden and sometimes vulnerable to talk and share freely, when having identities attached to their social networks. Therefore, everyone is anonymous on Tings. Most Human Form – Voice delivers emotion and clarity better than texting and body language.
Kevin TingMaker@kstwy · CTO @ MIC
@bramk thanks for the feature! Hope you'll like it. Spoiler: v.1.1 is is on its way!
Jessie HughesMaker@jess_ie13 · Public Relations Coordinator
Hello all! My name is Jessie and I am head of PR for Tings, please find some more information about our app below. Thanks again for the feature! Cheers and happy Product Hunting :) BEIJING, CHINA - Introducing the first social network centered around our most human form of expression - voice. Tings for iPhone is voice oriented and anonymous, connecting people from around the world using authentic free speech. Dare To Voice "Dare to Voice" is Tings’ motto; challenging users to share content that cannot be expressed in another form. Unlike similar voice morphing apps like Tom Cat, Tings takes a social networking approach; connecting those with similar emotions, only through voice. An Anonymous Sound Using voice to connect on a social network is a rather new concept, while anonymous content is not. Tings is unique because it is a platform for the most authentic form of free speech. By not displaying things such as name, profile picture, or number of followers, there is no possibility for predetermined judgements to define a post. The content of your Ting can speak for itself and in turn you will experience the true meaning of Free Speech. Tings Main Features: a. Choose from 6 voice morphs and record up to 11 seconds of voice. b. Add quality wallpapers/photos to visually enhance your voice. c. Include searchable tags in your post. d. Instantly share to other social networks. About Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd: Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd. is a small group devoted to developing and promoting Tings. Located in Beijing, China, the team mixes Eastern and Western perspectives by employing both Chinese and American nationals. The company was started in 2014 when founders Fang Ning and Kevin Ting Wing Yuen began work on a Fantasy Sports project designed for the Chinese market. "Fantasy China" was sold in August 2014, and shortly after work on Tings began. Contact: Jessica Hughes Public Relations Coordinator, Tings, Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd. jessica@tingsapp.io https://tingsapp.io. Skype ID: jessica.hughes12 Twitter: @TingsOfficial
Kevin TingMaker@kstwy · CTO @ MIC
Featured on Tech in Asia: https://www.techinasia.com/tings...
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
I'd just like to point out the great website design. App also looks interesting. Keep it up.
Kevin TingMaker@kstwy · CTO @ MIC
@irvingtorresyc Tings CTO here. Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate! v.1.1 is already on its way to the App Store. Stay tuned!
Jessie HughesMaker@jess_ie13 · Public Relations Coordinator
Tings Version 1.2 has just arrived! Version 1.2 offers Touch ID, 1Password Integration, and refined voice effects. Read more about version 1.2 here: http://tgs.io/1UyUyAi