Watch ASMR videos on your phone. Videos that make you tingle

Watch ASMR videos without ads, listen in the background or with your screen turned off, set a sleep timer, download videos, explore top video charts and curated trigger playlists, support artists with one tap and more. Tingles is the app that ASMR fans have been waiting for!

Are you an ASMRtist? You can join Tingles at www.gettingles.com/partners

  • Daniel Taschik
    Daniel TaschikCo-Founder & CTO myCrew, former Dubsmash

    Very well designed UI, great experience and no ads! Love it!


    No cons

    I like the way they allow users to give back to their artists. This way you can really appreciate the work they put in creating the content. Excellent model!

    Daniel Taschik has used this product for one month.
  • Luka Dremelj
    Luka DremeljMD, Erento

    Great experience! No annoying ads, cool content discovery and background mode <3


    No cons

    Really great product!

    Luka Dremelj has used this product for one year.
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Miha Mlakar
Miha MlakarMaker@mihamlakar
Hi everyone, my name is Miha. I created Tingles together with my friend Gasper. We're here to answer any questions about Tingles or ASMR in general! ✨
Alen Faljic
Alen Faljic@alenf · BusinessDesigner
Awesome product!
John McClelland
John McClelland@john_mcclelland
It's weird that this hasn't been done sooner. I didn't know what to make of all the slime videos my wife was obsessed with, or why I enjoy watching steak grilling on Youtube. In stimuli-focused world, this is def a way to relax. ASMR is becoming mainstream in a big way.
Amazing app with awesome asmrtists!
Daniel L
Daniel L@daniellematy
i had this idea a while ago ha, glad someone did it!