Transform your Raspberry Pi into a platform for creativity

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Cool idea guys. If the kickstarter campaign is successful where do you plan on selling Tingbot? Will you look to market to schools to help encourage coding?
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So cool that they made a Tingbot App to show the Top 10 on Product Hunt:
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I got a demo of Tingbot the other day at an event I run -- what struck me most was the IDE, super impressive.. It's an incredibly simple way to get up and running and write new apps... with internet connectivity and interactions too. I can think of a ton of things I'll build for this. btw if you're in the London hardware scene, the event is open to all: http://interconnected.org/home/2...
Well-crafted Kickstarter video!
We'll also be at @Hardware_IO on Thursday night in London - come along if you'd like to learn more