TinEye Reverse Img Search

Find out where an image came from & how it's used.

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reached out to @leilaboujnane to chime in :)
@Will_Iam thanks! and here I am. Ask me anything!
Really useful for finding the original/source of an image. Plus, it is a must have for designers who want to know if their work is being 'borrowed'.
@Larkef thanks for being a fan! Much appreciated.
While I have a bit of background info on you guys, what was the initial market that Tineye was focusing on? Was it always enterprise from the get go? How are you guys finding donations as a "revenue stream" when you're a for-profit entity?
@will_lam Our focus is licensing image recognition APIs to enterprise and in general firms (including startups) that are integrating image recognition in their products (or services). Most folks are not aware of our APIs :) (http://services.tineye.com)
@will_lam Forgot to answer your "donation" question. That's really completely insignificant. Tons of TinEye fans asked us how they could help so we rolled out a donation button. It is a way for photographers for example who find a copyright infringement they generate "revenues" from to contribute to TinEye (as an example). But it will be removed with the next site update (in late fall). Fans can just send us a postcard instead! No one writes postcards anymore :)
@leilaboujnane did you see a spike in traffic in the early days of Instagram? I remember Tineye being referencing frequently to see whether someone "stole" a photo they claimed to take. Instagramers used to get pretty upset about that, but I think it's just accepted now that the product is mainstream ;)