See the Tinder profiles of your Facebook friends

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Did you mean to use Chloe Park's name and photo without her consent? She apparently had no idea she was the face of your marketing campaign. That's pretty bad business dudes.
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@helena This was a misunderstanding on my end about how uifaces.com worked. I resolved this issue with Chloe and have updated the images.
Was gonna say "one day late, FriendSwipe was yesterday" but honestly after going through that crappy authorization process, there were so many more people on here than FriendSwipe. Hilariously many of them are in relationships, oops.
@aidan Spoke to FriendSwipe yesterday, it was just a bug and I haven't checked but they said they would have it fixed by last night. I'll be patient.
@aidan I'm actively working on fixing the bugs as fast as I can. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience.
@jarredsumner You may consider https://www.producthunt.com/tech... so you don't have to wait for Apple as you're fixing bugs.
Hey Product Hunt! This is actually my first submission, I've been lurking forever now. Tinder's new feature Tinder Social has a user privacy vulnerability that lets you see your Facebook friend's Tinder profiles. Check out my article to learn more about it or get straight to stalking by using the web app I built. (P.S. you might want to update your Tinder profile if it's embarrassing, since all your friends will be able to see it now thanks to Tinderface πŸ˜‚) Basically, you can see the Tinder profiles of all your Facebook friends who are opted-in to Tinder Social. The Tinder profile on Tinderface will show the user’s biography, photos, distance away, and best of all: when they were last active, which was actually removed from the Tinder app, but their API still sends the timestamp. Medium Article: https://medium.com/@calialec/tin... Open Source on GitHub: https://github.com/CaliAlec/Tind...
@calialec fantastic work. unfortunately it didn't work for me, it said that I have no FB friends on twitter, but I actually have many.
@_jacksmith @calialec happened to me, gave it a refresh and it worked fine.
@ryangum @calialec I tried refreshing, but it's still not showing anything. Friendswipe is working
@_jacksmith Can you please try logging out of Tinderface and back in? You can logout from the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) in the top right.
@calialec ok weird, it's working now
bit weird to see this only being featured on product hunt now, 2 months after it was originally posted... it would have been very useful for people to see a while ago
@_jacksmith its pretty technical to set up vs Friendswipe which is an actual iPhone app. So many submissions per day mean that sometimes products slip through. So don't think its that weird
@_jacksmith Yeah, unfortunately no one saw it when I posted it back then. Yesterday, FriendSwipe was on the frontpage and it seemed to be having issues. Hopefully the people who couldn't enjoy FriendSwipe because it wasn't working or they didn't have an iPhone can enjoy using Tinderface now.
Nice work!