Tinder Social

Match with other groups and find out where they’re going

Tinder Social is for people who want to expand their social network. You and your friends can meet other groups in just one swipe. Find more friends around and have twice as much fun.

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I think this type of angle for dating is interesting - Tinder is testing this out in Australia at the moment but hoping to roll it out globally soon. I Tinder poorly, never talk to anyone and when it gets to arranging a date - I cancel. Just still trying to come to terms of the whole situation really. In my head I think groups would make it easier and then I remember who my mates are and think its an absolutely terrible idea. In theory it sounds good but practically I think it would be an absolute shambles - at least for me anyway! I would like it to work, and for me to not have to do the matching, thinking of hilarious ice-breakers and all that. Just meet people in real life because of my friends. That's been the most efficient way I've met anyone in the past. You can see a write up on The Next Web: Tinder wants you to bring your embarrassing friends on your already awkward date
@bentossell Hey, I'm in Australia and I got the notification for this today. I must admit, I laughed a bit when Tinder told me it's extending its brand into group "dating"
@rossdcurrie I think in my head I run the perfect scenario of meeting someone through friends, and now it's that but on tinder. But I know my friends and I have no hope for me haha
So orgy findr?
@itsthisjustin oh c'mon... 😑
@rrhoover it's totally what I was getting at with @bentossell - I was just keeping it above board. But now that Gizmodo has written about it... http://gizmodo.com/tinders-newes...
Great stuff @bentossell. Been waiting for this, as this opens up Tinder for people that are scared to meet/date one on one. Also groups are up and coming for all industries. All about Trust.
@heinemeyer12 you're exactly right! Not only does it enable trust but it also gets rid of any awkwardness or anxiety you might have when you meet someone new! 🤗
A few years ago I went on a Grouper, a "date" with a few friends and three women we haven't met or seen before. They were fun, although it wasn't something I'm interested in doing regularly. @jmj - I like the idea. When are you rolling this out beyond Australia? And why'd you choose to test in Australia?
@rrhoover @jmj I'm curious on why Australia too, being from there. I feel like it may be because we have highly centralised population? Or maybe because we're a nice microcosm reflective somewhat of the US?
I got this activated today in LA. Mixed groups of guys and girls were offered to me, but none with all girls. Was surprised by that...
@briansventures with Clique Meet you're able to choose the gender and see groups that specifically have the same gender within their clique 😁