Ehhh I think there's a good reason the app stores don't have a hookup category. These days, little kids browse them all the time & no parent wants to hear "Mommy/Daddy, what's a hookup?". And I get the whole sex education thing, but it's a bit presumptuous to forcefully bring it up like this instead of letting the parents decide. I'd bet a million imaginary VC dollars that most of the makers at Land & Sea Co. are young and single.
@bryantpeng Oops - you just lost a million imaginary VC dollars. Shouldn't play so fast and loose, man! All married here at Land & Sea, and 2/3 parents. That said - you've got a point about kids browsing the app store. What a "Hookup" category (which should be more appropriately labeled something like "dating or "sexual" or "adult") could do is allow for parental controlled sections of an app store. Right now we're acting like all apps are the same - Angry Birds and Tinder all mixed together. This would allow for some clear separation. Finally - you know Tinder's not for kids right? This campaign isn't about sex education so much as it is for support for consenting adults who might be looking for it on these popular apps.