Tinder Gold

See who already likes you on Tinder

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Every time Tinder releases a new feature I think they're done milking the product for cash... and then this happens.
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@juanbuis would rather see revenue generated from things that people want like seeing people who like you vs ads!
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@juanbuis @bentossell sadly I see an ad for Delta every time I open the app
@juanbuis @patmcd maybe they have super-liked you ;)
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@patmcd you're lucky for not getting an ad for United
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Another reason why Tinder remains a fixture on this leaderboard:
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@rrhoover But does it solve the problem? There's a reason it's among entertainment services and games ;)
I am the only one finding that a betrayal? Can you know if someone is gold, so never like them (asking for a friend)
@valereonmobile I thought exactly the same. I trusted Tinder, now what? Retroactive betrayal
@valereonmobile This is a Platinum upgrade.
@ignlg 😖 now we can struts them to one day sell all our swipe history, our bests pickup lines...Or why not sellin an AI to rate or advise on a first message that work best for a new match...
@valereonmobile I've noticed that some users don't have their location, which means they have Tinder Plus, not sure if Tinder Gold will have something similar.
Low hanging fruit surely.... you'd be mad not to be intrigued to see who liked you... slap a subscription on top of that and ta-da! Tinder Gold. Coverage on TechCrunch
@bentossell I'll save you the IAP: I like you.
Still waiting for the web version