Tinder Feed

Real-time updates from your matches, in one place 💕

Tinder Feed is a new feature that brings real-time updates from your matches, all in one place, including recent photos, Instagram posts, top artists on Spotify, and more.

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In 2014, Tinder introduced Moments, its version of stories. It didn't take off and they ultimately killed the feature. The Feed appears to be a reincarnation of a similar goal in a much different package, turning Tinder into more of a persistent social network instead of simply a transactional matching network.
@rrhoover It seems that it's an automated feed rather than a standalone feed. A post is automatically created when you post a new photo on Instagram, update your Spotify or change your profile pic in Tinder. The swiping experience is still the main engagement action on Tinder (getting new matches) and not discovering what your actual matches are doing (social network). I think it would be really hard to switch to a persistent social network if it's not the main concept.
Happy to answer questions about the product ...
@briannorgard will you be supporting more service integrations beyond Instagram and Spotify?
@chrismessina Hey Chris, yes we are always looking at ways to expand the profile data we capture. You can probably make an educated guess the directions we will head.
i wish i could install tinder to check out all its cool new features, but how to explain to my gf?
Been using Tinder for a while. Seen it launch a gazillion new features. None of them took off. Needless to say I, personally, also did not use them at all. They just stood on the way… Would not be surprised if this fails too… Why not just double down on core experience?
@ksaitor we are doubling down on the core as well as testing new experiences. Plenty of things we have shipped have worked incredibly well but like any other scale company you can’t get them all right — we are, in fact, a collection of humans. Sometimes we get it right, other times we don’t. Thanks for the comment.