The #1 App for Tinnitus sufferers

People who suffer from tinnitus are often overlooked. This app creates a temporary relief from the constant ear ringing. TinAid includes masking sounds, a specially built tinnitus frequency matcher and much more.
Available on App Store for Iphone & Ipad.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Just in case anyone comes here looking for a solution and didn't know about it, there is a company called Lenire - bimodal neuromodulation of the brain if I remember correctly, i haven't used it yet but from reading the forums and watching the videos they seem to have something that's could very well solve the problem s/o to the tinnitus sufferers, live a full life regardless
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@takomborerwam Yes let's hope they will launch a product that can simply be used by anyone.
Looks cool, will try it soon.
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Please do, have a great day!
Really cool - reminds me of https://www.bemyeyes.com/.
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@alex_furman Thank you, yes it's not to different.
Thank you so much for making this app, both my brother and mother are suffering from tinitus
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@kenny_wijaya Thank you! I really hope they can find it useful.