Open source editing tool-kit for Gatsby and Next.js sites

#5 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2019
Tina is an open-source, editing toolkit for React-based sites — Gatsby & Next.js.
Tina is not a CMS, in the traditional sense. Instead, it gives your site real-time editing abilities. Less of a WordPress experience and more like a Squarespace experience.
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Hi folks 👋 We’re really excited to share TinaCMS with you all. The editing experience of traditional CMSs hasn’t changed much in the last decade or two and we feel that developers need something better to give their clients and teams. We feel we have something truly remarkable for you :) TinaCMS allows you to bake-in editing functionality into your Gatsby and Next.js sites for a live editing experience that's more similar to Squarespace than WordPress. We've open-sourced Tina so developers can use it without restrictions for commercial and personal projects. If you want to get involved with the project and I urge you to get involved with the community. https://tinacms.org/community/ Let us know what you think! ...Bonus points if you can guess what TinaCMS stands for (tip: it’s a “recursive acronym”).
@scottgallant Stands for Tina Is Not A CMS?
Nice job @benborgers. Was it too obvious?
This looks amazing and also loving the Napoleon Dynamite reference ;)
Yay! this is amazing :D Can't wait to use this on my next project 😍
I can't wait to use this! I'm working on a new tutorial right now for designing and building a Gatsby site. This would be an awesome feature to include. Also, this should be top 3 on PH.
@hunterbecton great! Ping us on twitter if you want to collaborate twitter.com/tina_cms
Another great move in the no-code or less-code movement to keep creatives moving faster!