Email that matters, when it matters.

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Awesome concept!
Hi @charlietango592, Thank you so much for your up vote and your kind words. Have a great day!
Interesting concept. I like the idea of telling people when I expect an answer by. It can quickly be overwhelming if everyone requires me to answer by a certain time though. Does this feature work only with emails sent and received via Timyo?
Hi @rfreling, Thanks for your comment. I am a close friend of the founders. Based on their current metrics, they have observed that most users actually "expect replies" within two days or more, which prevents your inbox from being overwhelmed by all your contacts at the same time. Even when your recipients are not using Timyo, they will see immediately a clear, simple, and polite message letting them know when you would like them to respond, in the form of a banner embedded at the top of your emails. Please let us know if you have any additional question. Have a great day!
I think people miss sometimes the importance of not asking for upvotes... That's why this is down below some with many less votes
Hi There, I'm Fabrice, Co-Founder of Timyo. We are 2 French Entrepreneurs, based in Los Angeles. Ours is a story of entrepreneurship, friendship, and the excitement of taking on big challenges. For us, everything is based in communication and passion. We are currently available on Gmail and iOS, but we still have a lot to achieve and will continue to roll out other platforms and providers; informed and inspired by our users' feedback. We did not expected to appear that early. But I guess that's a great opportunity to hear you! #AMA My only one question is: Are you happy with email the way it is, or would you prefer to know at a glance what is being asked of you and when? This is only the beginning. We aim to give people back the time to focus on what really matters to them. There is so much more to do and we are on it. It’s a long run but it’s a worthwhile one, because for everyone of us: Time is my own. Have a great day!
Hi there, The team behind Timyo is honored that @moyicat liked their product up to the point of featuring the app on Product Hunt today. They were not expecting to appear on the platform that early, and therefore, they do not have the necessary permissions to answer directly to your questions yet. Until then, I will be happy to answer for them. #AMA Quick note: they would just like to highlight that, at the moment, the app is ONLY AVAILABLE ON iOS, and compatible with Gmail accounts. Timyo is still a very early stage product, and the team is eager to learn from you and improve on the app: feel free to share any feedback here. Have a great day!