Best way to send scheduled messages in Slack

Best way to send scheduled messages in Slack.
Trusted by 3000+ organizations around the globe.
πŸ’¬ ➑ ⏳ ➑ βœ‰οΈ
βœ… Schedule unlimited messages in any time zone.
βœ… Send recurring messages.
βœ… Schedule messages up to 365 days.
βœ… Receive Slackbot notifications & many more.
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Hey, folks! πŸ‘‹ We're proud to announce you our Slack App "Timy" which will help you to easily send scheduled messages in any workspace. Ideas doesn't always have perfect timing. So it's valuable for both sides to be able to mentally offload, as well as not disturbing your teammates at all hours. Timy will help you to stay focused and that's why it's already trusted by more than 3000 organizations around the globe including Shopify, Dropbox, Epic Games and more. Some of the key features include, β€’ πŸ” Send recurring messages (Every weekday, Every month...) β€’ 🌎 Send unlimited messages in any time zone. β€’ πŸ“† Maximum schedule time limit of one year. β€’ πŸ’Ύ Save time zone mappings for each user or channel. β€’ ⛱️ Pause recurring messages if you are away. β€’ πŸ“ Attach files to scheduling messages via web app. β€’ πŸ“ Edit/Clone scheduled messages. β€’ πŸ”” Get Slackbot notifications for scheduled messages. β€’ πŸ’» Dedicated Timy web app to manage your messages. Timy is the only affordable and feature rich scheduling application you can find in the Slack app store today. Hope you'll enjoy Timy and your ideas and suggestions are welcome!
One of the must have slack app for any workspace...
Tried out several solutions before and this one is the most affordable one. Highly recommend this to any remote team.
@thushantha Thank you for the positive feedback
Recurring message support is a feature I couldn't find in other apps. PRO plan is very affordable since prices are for the entire workspace. It's a very convenient app to have in any remote team like ours.
Seems like a great tool to send recurring reminders in slack :) Will save lots of time