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Timo is a time and task manager designed around the creative’s workflow. It helps you track your daily tasks and time spent completing them, all in one place. This means you'll no longer have a disconnect between work done and work logged, perfect if you're filling out pesky time sheets. Timo is browser based and even has offline support 🙌


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Jordan Amblin
Jordan AmblinMaker@jordanamblin · Designing products remotely @ Metalab
Hello Product Hunt! I'm Jordan, one half of the team behind Timo along with Richard. We're really excited to launch our first side-project together here on PH! We built Timo to help me with my day-to-day design tasks. I plan and add my tasks every morning, which I use as a talking point in my daily standup. Then I track my time against each one, giving me an accurate way of filling out my timesheet at the end of week. Timo currently runs in your browser 🌎, works offline 💻, and uses local storage to save your tasks 💾. Timo has definitely helped improve my workflow over the past couple of months, and I hope it helps some of you too. I'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve your experience of Timo.
Iestyn Williams
Iestyn Williams@_iest · Design & Code
Top stuff lads
Richard Palmer
Richard PalmerMaker@rdjpalmer · Founder, Alicornite
@_iest Cheers man ❤️
Taha ahmed khan
Taha ahmed khan @tahaqadri · Maker at d5Gravity.com
Awesome! Q1) How to use Timo offline Q2) Where does Timo saves data locally (in Windows)
Richard Palmer
Richard PalmerMaker@rdjpalmer · Founder, Alicornite
Thank you @tahaqadri! 1. Timo works offline automatically for as long as your browser supports service works (so that’s Edge v17+, Fire 44+, Chrome 45+ & Safari 11.1+). 2. It saves data into the browser’s local storage, so that’ll be dependant on the browser you’re using
Anna Martirosyan
Anna Martirosyan@anna_martirosyan · -dog lover
Congrats on the launch! It seems interesting and well executed!
Jordan Amblin
Jordan AmblinMaker@jordanamblin · Designing products remotely @ Metalab
Niklaus Gerber
Niklaus Gerber@niklausgerber · I assist with digital innovation
What if I don't trust local storage? Especially when I am switching computers...
Richard Palmer
Richard PalmerMaker@rdjpalmer · Founder, Alicornite
Hi @niklausgerber! To get started quickly and have as few dependencies on external services as possible we opted for local storage. There shouldn’t be any security issues as the only people who have access to the data will be you, as it’s stored in your browser and can only be accessed on the hellotimo.co domain. It’s true, this means switching computers isn’t straight forward yet, although I can help you do this if you need to. In the future however, we do plan on introducing device syncing, so keep your eyes peeled for that update 👌