World's first time limited photo messaging app

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Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Hey there Product Hunt! My name is Remmelt, CEO and co-founder of Timit. A brash photo messaging application to which you better respond. Our goal is to create the ultimate messaging app. Timit takes a stimulating, new approach to photo sharing with its strict time-limited messaging feature. Timit wants recipients of your photo messages to share in your moment while you’re experiencing it. Just like the moment itself: once the time has passed, the photo is lost. We’re looking for feedback. Burn baby, burn us down! What do you think about the capture reaction feature and the MMS invitation? Currently we are working on a group function.
@remmeltvantol great, even more FOMO ;) why did you choose the time limit? I mean, time in the world is relayed remote and there are time stamps. I never liked the limitations of snapchat (I guess millions do), I do like the limitations (no retakes) and personal addition of location of Taptalk. You probably know both apps, surely you know Snapchat, do you think you're stealing from their user pie?
@milann Thanks for your reaction. We use the time limit to keep the "momentum" alive and to stimulate the FOMO. We're definitely stealing from Snapchat, I think they lost their real value proposition since they are a more social than messaging app nowadays. Timit is a messaging app, time limited messaging.
@remmeltvantol fair enough, I'm not on snapchat anymore though. Curious how you will conquer the world, what's your growth hack?
@milann We try to growth hack in multiple ways. First, we don't believe in the hardcore advertising/pushing your product. That's why we choose for the "Rumor around the brand" strategy. We made a product- video that's worth sharing: https://youtu.be/KuQVOt1F-mw and we run a more personal campaign. The campaign, http://timit.io/halloween where you can sign up to receive FREE condoms by mail. We did literally print ON the condom haha! In order to growth users with users. We tried to solve the chicken-and-egg problem: You can invite friends with MMS instead of SMS. By doing that your friends will receive a slightly blurred version of the picture you took with Timit and a personal message to convince them to join you on Timit. So you can all ready "PLAY" with them, instead of sending them just a boring text invite.
Trying the app now. If it's anything like the mail they send me, it will be good.
@writerpollock And what do you think?
I've been using the app for a while now, the video is freaking hilarious and also pretty useful to get friends to respond. When's the android coming out?
@jfryeofficial Hi John! Thanks, we're working on Android. But first we want to finish some new features (group for example) and then we launch Android a.s.a.p 👍🏻
@remmeltvantol @jfryeofficial Cool want to get my android friends in, thanks mate
whats the future of timit?
@lukedayze Hi Luke, I hope we will have a nice growth in the next couple months. We're pushing out some new features as well. Group function, video and Tinder- ish friend matching is what we're working on.