Pomodoro meets time tracking

Timist combines the unique Timist Session System with time tracking. You can create different timers and track the time for each of them. It also lets you break your time down into concrete intervals, separated by short breaks.
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Hey Product Hunters! I’m excited to share the next version of Timist. 📱What is Timist? Timist is an app for the iPhone that brings together two worlds: a Pomodoro-inspired session system and detailed time tracking. The session system helps you get more done by letting you work in bursts with deep focus, and short breaks to clear your mind. 🤔 Who should try it? If you’re struggling with staying focused at times, or are just a curious productivity nerd, try the session system. It really works wonders (e.g. forcing your mind to take a break, because then a solution to a problem often appears out of thin air). The same is true for time tracking. Time is the only really-not-renewable resource we have, so knowing where you spend your time (and optimising for where you think it should go) can be quite a revelation. Plus, for all the makers out there: at some point, you’re going to want to know your hourly rate (project revenue/hours spent), so it’s a great idea to start tracking time early on. 💵 It’s free! Timist is free to download and use, with additional features available with an optional subscription. Which brings me to all the changes… ⭐️What has changed? I first launched Timist back in the summer of last year here on Product Hunt - and a lot has changed since then. The business model went from mandatory subscription to optional (people don’t like paywalls, who knew?), the entire app was redesigned from the ground up and all of the analytics have been greatly improved. If you’re curious about how bumpy the journey has been so far (and why I've made some of the changes), I’ve written about it on my blog. https://worklifewhatever.com/tim... Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Great app, but the yearly subscription kill it for me. You should try other way to monetize it