Timing 2

Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac.

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Daniel Alm
Thanks for the hunt, Hiten! Daniel, developer of Timing 2, here. I have created Timing because I felt that time tracking is still much harder than it should be. Your Mac already knows what you are working on anyway, so why not leverage that? Timing takes this approach as far as it gets. Not only does it automatically track your activities, but it even automa… See more
Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
I love these apps that help you figure out where you time goes! This one has some neat features that really make your life easier. It has a bunch of automation built-in that categorizes where your time went, automatically. It also recognizes blocks of time and makes suggestions on how they fit together into a larger task. There's also a neat little feature t… See more
I had the opportunity to test Timing 2 before release -- and I have to say that I was shocked how much time I really spent in front of my Mac. In other words, Timing 2 crushed my optimistic assumptions and pointed out how productive I really am. That hurt a little, but now I feel better, thank you. Timing 2 tracks activity 100% reliably and I found reviewing… See more
Newton Mota
@newtonmota · CocoaHeads BR Co-Organizer.
Thanks, Daniel Alm // @daniel_a_a, for the opportunity to know Timing 2 during the beta before its reIease. I've been using Rescue Time and other solutions, but I have to say "Timing 2 brings the game to another level". Timing 2 is an app very visual, intuitive, reliable and wisely crafted. From the simple tracking to get knowing better your workflow and ser… See more
Andrew Mutavdzija
@andym_dc · JD
I've used Timing for at least a year, used the beta of Timing 2, and am happy to continue on with version 2. Absolutely the best time tracker out there. I've tried many if not most or all, and none compare!