Timing 2

Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac.

Timing is an automatic time tracking app for Mac. Instead of making you do the work by starting/stopping Timers, Timing automatically tracks how much time you spend in each app, website and document. That way, you can later see exactly how productive you were and use the tracked time to bill clients.

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Thanks for the hunt, Hiten! Daniel, developer of Timing 2, here. I have created Timing because I felt that time tracking is still much harder than it should be. Your Mac already knows what you are working on anyway, so why not leverage that? Timing takes this approach as far as it gets. Not only does it automatically track your activities, but it even automatically groups activities that belong together and suggests times when you worked on a particular thing. Essentially, Timing tries to automate everything about time tracking that can be automated 🙂 Looking forward to your thoughts!
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Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
I love these apps that help you figure out where you time goes! This one has some neat features that really make your life easier. It has a bunch of automation built-in that categorizes where your time went, automatically. It also recognizes blocks of time and makes suggestions on how they fit together into a larger task. There's also a neat little feature that asks you what you did when you return to your computer. This time tracking app has a bunch of little features that add up to a pretty useful tool, especially for freelancers who charge based on an hourly rate.
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Christian TietzeIndie macOS Developer
I had the opportunity to test Timing 2 before release -- and I have to say that I was shocked how much time I really spent in front of my Mac. In other words, Timing 2 crushed my optimistic assumptions and pointed out how productive I really am. That hurt a little, but now I feel better, thank you. Timing 2 tracks activity 100% reliably and I found reviewing my weeks to be fun whenever unexpected activities turned up that I totally forgot about (read: suppress). I think it's a great fit for anyone who does client work to automate project progress tracking and thus improve billing.
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Newton MotaCocoaHeads BR Co-Organizer.
Thanks, Daniel Alm // @daniel_a_a, for the opportunity to know Timing 2 during the beta before its reIease. I've been using Rescue Time and other solutions, but I have to say "Timing 2 brings the game to another level". Timing 2 is an app very visual, intuitive, reliable and wisely crafted. From the simple tracking to get knowing better your workflow and serious business billing your work hours, you will enjoy the application. It simply crushes our expectations when we learn how to get along with it. Thanks again, Daniel, for sending emails teaching the tricks and tweaks. Looking forward to seeing its progress and upcoming integrations and sync.
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Csaba Kissi
Serial maker
Very nice application. Great UI/UX!
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