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#1 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2016
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Hi there, I'm the creator of Timezone.io. After incubating the idea while working at Buffer, I thought others might have the need for it as a product. Since it's launch teams like Trello and Discourse and almost 3000 other users have signed up to coordinate across their multiple timezones! Also, this SaaS product is fully open source as I've decided to do all development in the open and hope to transparently share what is being worked on: https://github.com/timezoneio/ti... The upcoming roadmap includes - Sign up with Slack for easier team management - A Native Mac app and Chrome Extension - Set your working hours to show your team when you're online - Meeting planning tools I'd love any feature suggestions or critiques if you have any. It's been fun building and using Timezone for the last year. Excited to share it with everyone!
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@djfarrelly Roadmap sounds really exciting!! Would love to contribute!! 😇
With the exponentially growing no. of teams embracing distributed and nomadic workstyle and for freelancers it's a huge reach out in maintaining the Timezone of the clients and peers. Easily plan meetings + calls with your remote, nomadic team without having to Google. Modern global teams have awesome people spread across multiple timezones. Lots of teams have digital nomads changing locations faster than we can keep up with. Often it gets tricky to remember what time it is where your teammates are. Enter Timezone.io. Timezone.io was created by Dan Farrelly while working on the amazing remote Buffer team.
So awesome! I remember seeing this in some past buffer blogs. Excited to see it formally shape up. Congrats Dan!
Yeah, we've been using this for a while, and it's a big help when scheduling.
I have been looking for something like this since forever.