Easy timezone converter for Gmail and Inbox by Gmail

This Google Chrome extensions make it easy to communicate time across multiple timezones.

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Very useful if you have to send mail to different timezones.


Helpful when you deal with multiple timezones


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I often communicate between three timezones, so this is a useful idea. One request: Can you support two or more timezone conversions? Ex: Sender is in PST, Receiver 1 is EST, and Receiver 2 is GMT. Currently, it will only do a conversion for the first contact in the receiver list.
@christopher_martens1 Yes, that's a great idea actually. Would you want to include "Receiver 1" or "Receiver 2", or only chain two different timezones and let the receivers identify their own?
Hi all! This is my second launched product, after https://recruitt.me. It happened a lot of times that I had to schedule meeting with people in different timezones. We want the easiness of communicating the time in our timezone, and let the other person convert in their timezone. The other person might convert that time to their timezone, but might propose something else, in their timezone, and this happens over and over again. I built this tool to solve this problem.