Timezone Butler

Slack butler who will take care of the timezone differences

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Timezone Butler is a Slack bot who will take care of the timezone differences in your team.

Each relative time will be translated individually for each team member without bothering the others.

No more struggling with timezone differences, reduce the overhead of being distributed and embrace remote working.

José Marques
Ariel Aronica
  • José Marques
    José MarquesDesigner, Automattic

    Nothing really.


    Only works randomly when mentioned. Not a viable solution.

    I don't have more.

    José Marques has used this product for one day.
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Mathieu Dutour
Mathieu DutourMaker@mathieudutour · Software Engineer @Sketchapp
🥂🍾🎇 Happy 2019, Product Hunters! Here's a mini side project that I thought might be interesting for people working with remote teams. At Bohemian Coding we are a 100% remote team, distributed across multiple timezones. Plus I'm often traveling so I never know on which timezone difference I have with my colleagues. And we are heavy users of Slack. Last month, @robotic_mermaid said "been on since 8:30, definitely forgot to say hello. Hello!". Which made me wonder what time it was here, like 1h ago, 2h ago? I had no idea. But Slack knows! So we started brainstorming. The first step was to create a slackbot that automatically sends you a private timezone conversion without interrupting the flow of conversation. Step 2 is world domination, removing timezones altogether. We’ll just have to compromise on who gets to sleep while the sun is out 😉 If you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know and I'll implement them ASAP. 😋 PS: it's free and open source: https://github.com/mathieudutour.... It's not storing anything except the slack team ID and is not collecting anything.
James Ivings
James Ivings@jamesivings · Leave Me Alone 💌 UptimeBar 🌏
Wow this is really useful for me! I mess up timezone meetings all the time and have been waiting for something to help for ages! Thanks!
Ryan Matzner
Ryan Matzner@rdm · Director, Fueled
Love the concept. But it doesn't seem to actually work...
Mathieu Dutour
Mathieu DutourMaker@mathieudutour · Software Engineer @Sketchapp
I just fixed a bug where the slack API doesn't return what the documentation says it should for some teams... Maybe that was the case for yours?