Timewaste Timer

Punish yourself for wasting time on Facebook

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Where did you hear that Violeta? Everything I've read about prospect theory and cognitive biases says that people are motivated to stop a loss way more than seek a gain. I actually did an experiment with exercise habits and points and found that exact same thing, which is why I'm curious that you'd say that
@dreborc I believe this is what @Dobelli stated in 'The Art of Thinking Clearly' as well.
Encouragement is actually better than punishment. Just FYI. I'd never sign up to something that's taking money for my bad habits.
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This is the best. They are charging you $1 per hour penalty for using Facebook.
@emieljanson hahah very interesting but deff not for us marketing folks
perhaps % of proceeds can go towards Camp Detox, gym fees, local charity of one's choosing, toward one's local meditation temple, or toward a copy of "you can heal your life" :) the best strategy could be to not have a personal fb account? is that an option? punishment only helps one feel guilty, like paying the church back in the day to get into heaven, and then continue merrily doing the bad thing. encouragement, or finding a healthier addiction, or healing one's self, can solve the problem which is causing the symptom (digital over-use).
I think I need this more for PH than Facebook... ;)