The best companion app for the iOS calendar

With Timeview you can do stuff like "show me all my events from my work calendar containing the word 'meeting' and with a duration greater than 2h". The possibilities are almost endless and it's really easy and beautiful.

Yan Sidyakin
  • Yan Sidyakin
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    The idea is awesome! I once thought of creating this myself. Finally somebody took action.


    Not very useful in its current state, at least for statistics.

    I personally wanted to see where my time goes with this app, but it's not very convenient to do so. I. e., I can see bar charts, but I can't see the corresponding numbers. Also, if I can bee the pie chart breakdown of where my time goes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, that would be amazing. I would pay up to $4 a month for that, given the design is good.I'm recommending it because I trust you'll solve these issues soon.

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I worked on this app the last few months, I got some more or less successful apps in the iOS App Store since 2008, so I'm not exactly new to this. Timeview is a very handy app and I built it because I needed it for myself. I wanted a way to have more insight into my calendar events. Some kind of statistics to see where my time went and also a tool to have a better overview of future events. Let me know what you think, thanks for looking into it :)
Great job!! 😊 you should do more experimentation with it and might make it more interactive and I’m sure this would be the best kind to be added into iOS 13
@ayush_chandra Thank you so much! I plan to expand it and play around with ideas I have. I think it has even more potential 😊 thanks again!
Every time I try to sign up, I am getting some error with a green color and white wording too small to make out which disappears quickly. Something to with authorization. Any idea here?
@haitianwatcher I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean when you're trying to buy the in app purchase? There's no other sign up in the app.
@sandropennisi Hello, I was able to resolve the issue. It was on my end. Thank you for the follow up.
@haitianwatcher ok good to hear, thanks for letting me know :)
Great idea! I'll definitely give it a try as it seems to make things much more easy and fast now. Thank you !
@tanya39429989 thank you, great to hear :)