Manage your classes eaily πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

Managing classrooms has never been easier. TimeTable: The Classroom Buddy app helps you add class schedules, tasks, notes and any upcoming tests. With a simplified UI, you can ace your academic year with our app. Designed specially for the Indian education system, with timetable classes that keep on repeating until stopped.

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Seems to be pretty useful!
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@tcodinat Thank you Toni :)
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@ishitamed thanks for sharing! I can see that the app is currently meant primarily for students; are you planning on adding features for teachers too? Like teachers can share resources that they've discussed in a particular class etc. It'd be cool if everything could be under one place πŸ™Œ
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@amrith Hi Amrith! Thank you for your feedback! Yes, we are working on making it suitable for the teachers as well. We already have some ideas in store for our future updates :)
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@amrith @ishitamed What's unique about the Indian education system that your app has been tailored for?
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@amrith @abadesi In most of the Indian schools and colleges, the timetable schedule is repeated throughout the academic year/semester, as opposed to other apps which are meant for daily or weekly logging of classes
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A very useful and easy-to-use platform to manage tasks, timetables and info about classrooms


Stop worring about timetables!


Interface can be improved

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Hi Lorenzo! Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback! Please let us know how we can improve on our user interface :)
Great job !! Would love to try it out and would Also want the feature where I can schedule my exams date and the app shall update me with how many days remaining for it in order for me to prioritise my study pattern
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@ayush_chandra Will definitely implement that :)
Great idea! Maybe add a Done button next to the return button once you add either a list,task or note. It’s very hard to get back out to click add after you have created your item
@chrisferrill Thank you Chris! Will definitely incorporate your feedback in our next update :)