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Thanks for hunting us @katmanalac ! We are a small YC startup based in San Mateo (CA). Last year we started building an AI powered automation platform to simplify and automate bookkeeping. This was using machines end-to-end. No human in the middle. We also bolted to the platform a mobile app that handled expenses across projects and now a time tracking & employee scheduling app. Also, today we are excited to announce our partnership with Sonim, the makers of the ultra-rugged smartphone you see in our product screenshots. CONSTRUCTION In 2018 we started to get a lot of interest from construction specialty trade firms. Construction is the 2nd least digitized industry in the US yet accounts for 10% of the US GDP. So we deployed our expense mobile app into the field to manage the vastness of paperwork from material purchases. The picture on this page https://www.veryfi.com/expenses/ is from an actual customer. Each pile of those receipts is a project. This is the amount of receipts his field team used to bring from job sites every week. TIMESHEETS We got to speak to many of our construction customers on a daily basis and learned another important need. Employee timesheets and scheduling to improve job costing and employee productivity. But it had to be 100% automated. No one likes typing into a small screen. We got back to work and here it is. Timesheets by Veryfi. Timesheets by Veryfi uses geofencing (any shape you want) with our floor detection algorithms to auto clock in and out employees. An example; an admin using Veryfi will schedule sub/contractors on multiple projects at different addresses inc floors with pre-assigned job codes and the field team Veryfi app handles the rest autonomously. SONIM Timesheets by Veryfi integration with Sonim phones (pictured above) untaps additional hardware feature advantages. For example; the custom colored buttons are programmed to communicate with Veryfi apps to perform a certain action like start the camera to snap receipts, clock in and out of jobs, go on a break etc… Now, we aren't done yet. We have a nice Jira backlog and would welcome your feedback as well. If you know any construction companies that would find this valuable then please let them know about Veryfi. Cheers!
Congrats on the launch. I've seen from experience how painful timesheets can be. The ability to log time to a specific floor of a building is incredible. What were some of the technical challenges to make that work?
@ned_dwyer Thank you! Great question, you're right the floor-by-floor detection is very a hard problem to solve with the phone. All phones have barometers but pressure changes throughout the day and is affected by weather, etc. We have to calibrate the starting point (the ground floor) and use our proprietary algorithms to detect true floor changes vs barometer reading drift. This has been a really cool problem for us to solve, using tons of data that we gathered during the pilot with hundred of companies who joined our beta.