Take control of your phone usage

TimesApp helps you in managing the time you spend on your phone by setting time limits on applications.


• Simple and Minimal UI inspired by Material Design

• Elegant in-app tutorials to help you get started

• Preferences for default time limit duration etc.

• Small App Size: Less than 2MB

• No Ads: Absolutely Free to Use

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Naveed ShahHunter of Products
A little late to the party... How's this different from iOS 12's Screen Time feature?
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Aditya Gupta
Student,Android Developer
@armyofnaveed 1. That feature primarily focuses on daily limits. This app is more focused on creating limits for every app launch instead of a single limit for the whole day 2. That feature is for iOS. This is available on Android for now. 3. I believe Android P is introducing something similar too but it is implemented differently and Android P will probably not reach more than 10% of the entire user base while this app is available for 90% + devices
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I also like to use a touch counter when I track myself