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Can't really view the site, this is what shows in Chrome 49.0.26 on Windows 8 - http://grab.by/Peda
@braunshizzle thanks Braunson! I will fix it as soon as possible!
@braunshizzle Looks like the transform-style: preserve-3d is messing things up.
@braunshizzle seeing the same thing
Really great and useful product! Good luck with the launch
Can you play music / podcast with it? If you are doing a series of times intervals will it automatically go to the next times segment?
@suraj757 yes! And yes! When you need to change of exercise, Timerly will low the music volume, play a sound and turn up the music volume again.
There are hundreds and more similar apps like this in store. Most of them are free, pro apps or feature rich apps are paid. Since most of them actually do the same thins, to me the selling point is, believe it or not, sounds they play when changing intervals (example Tabata). To be able to decide weather I buy pro version or completely remove the app are the sounds which I cannot test unless I download the app. It would be great if you can put a demo video (with audio) on your website and even in the store so that people can make better decision before spending few $ on an app. It's cheap, I know, but still ... ;)
@markoprljic This is the only app in the app store that allows users to download routines, share routines, add series of multiple exercises, add any exercise that you want, between other features. This is the reason why the app costs less than a dollar. If you think is still expensive its okay, all of us have different opinions. Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day!
@jchomali Sorry if my last comment didn't come over properly. I'm not saying that the app is expensive, nor that this app isn't unique in its own way. Call me a bragger if you like (although I ain't one) but what I'd really like is to be able to view demo video of core features, and most importantly hear the audio when crossing intervals (example Tabata). This is what most apps are missing and I believe with good sound effect choices and presets this app (if all other features are great) could stand out more from the crowd. Hope I cleared it now :) Wish you all the best and looking forward to what you come up next! Cheers!
@markoprljic I will be uploading a demo on the next version. And yes, the app have sounds when you change of exercise! Thanks again for your time on helping me improve the app.
Used it for the first time last week. Super easy to use and the sounds between exercises / rests are awesome. Worth the couple of dollars for only the features you need.