Beautiful timer that helps waste less time in meetings

Timeqube uses human peripheral vision to gently announce passing of time without the distraction of regular timers and alarms. It uses colours we're used to since childhood so it's intuitive, mindful and looks great in any meeting room.

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Would love to add this to every meeting room in our office :)
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@rrhoover Thanks so much! We'd love to deliver Timequbes to all the meeting rooms in PH :)
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Can't wait


Non-invasive time measurement & great looks


Not yet launched

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great concept, but why not USB-C for charging?
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@tushar_khandelwal Micro USB is still the most widely used charging port out there :) We're evaluating the options of course.
Fun idea. I'm not sold it's solving a problem in a way that justifies the stiff price for a timer. I could however see the added value if you could sync it to a pomodoro-style app. That would at least give it a secondary function outside of meetings.
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@jordanbuckhalt Thanks for feedback. There are many more uses we're seeing with TImeqube outside of the meeting room. We've started to compile a non-exhaustive list here : https://timeqube.com/discover/ but customers come back to us with ideas so the list will keep growing for sure.
100 upvotes on Product Hunt! Thank you <3<3<3