Track time for your projects, without feeling like work

Timeneye is a simple and intelligent time-tracking tool, which is helping small/medium companies to track and improve their team productivity levels. If you need instant productivity boost, achieved through ultimate simplicity, Timeneye is the very-easy-to-use tool that you are looking for.

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Thank you @bramk for hunting Timeneye! Hi guys! I'm Anas, one of the Co-Founders and Product Manager of Timeneye - thanks for the feedback on the design, I'd also be interested in your thoughts on the product once you've had chance to dig around. The main reason for creating the new version of Timeneye was to make time tracking dead easy. That is why we have added a simple calendar in the dashboard and improved our existing features and integrations (Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, Google Calendar, Basecamp 2, Basecamp 3, Podio and Breeze). Timeneye is not only a time tracking platform but also allows to monitor and manage projects, users and clients in real-time. I’m also here to let you know that all Product Hunters will get 31 days of trial instead of 14. You don't need to type any coupon code, just hit the "Get it" button from Product Hunt and you'll get redirected to the Product Hunters landing page. It's that simple, your special offer will be stored in the session until you hit the signup button. Within your month trial you'll be able to use any plan for free and with no limitation! Another good thing is that, if you are a single freelancer, Timeneye will be free forever: we have a free and unlimited solo plan available at no cost. Your feedback is super appreciated so feel free to comment here or contact us at: support@timeneye.com Happy tracking!
Anytime you can feel like you're not working when you are is a plus in my book --- cool!
Can you export the time tracked in to PDFs?
@b3bold Hey Alex! Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can export tracked time in PDFs and CSV too. We have a powerful and fully customizable reporting feature inside the web app. If you'd love to discover more, make sure to have a look here: https://goo.gl/vCheGU
@gglepori thanks for the quick reply
@b3bold @gglepori Great! In future i also wish to export data into .xslx files and Google Sheets, is it possible, theoretically?
@finngregory As I no longer work for Timeneye since 2016, feel free to share your feedback via email at support@timeneye.com.
@anas Looks pretty sweet, can't wait to try it. One thing our office is looking for is the ability to have "retainers" and as time is logged by team members it goes against a customer's retainer. Is this a possibility in the app? Also, can an auto generated email be sent each Monday that gives a customer a heads up about what was accomplished last week and how much is left on a retainer (if supported)?
@automateiq Hi Chris, thank you for your interest. We have time budgets instead of retainers that can be assigned to projects/phases and/or users. Right now we don't have a client access but several Timeneye users already asked for it and it is on our roadmap.
I'd love to see a Chrome extension to quickly open a new timer and to keep the timer up on the side out of the main browser similar to Freshbooks' timer.
@automateiq I see, they open a popup with just the timer. Within this week update features we'll release also a little but useful feature. As soon as you have an active timer, your Timeneye browser tab's title will update itself every minute with it's total and the project's name. This will give you the freedom to continue to work on other browser tabs while having a quick reminder at your sight. ;)