Timely for Apple Watch

Scheduling and time tracking, right on your wrist

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It's been a ton of fun to design for the Apple Watch, and at the same weird to make something for a product you can't actually test. We just couldn't wait though, because we think the watch and Timely is a match made in heaven. It's just so god damn natural to manage your time on your wrist! :) Anyhow, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
@matmik Here's a nice animation on WatchAware if you ever want to embed http://watchaware.com/watch-apps...
@abdophoto oh, cool! I'll make sure to check that out!
Don't yet have an Apple Watch, but this will be the first download when I do :) Love Timely on web and iPhone!
@edmoyse thanks for being a customer, Ed! We'd love to hear what you think when you get to try it out! :)
Looks beautiful! Great design - well done guys.
Kudos for the interface. I loved it.
@guillermodiaz thanks, Guillermo! :)
Nice - downloading now and will test on my Watch!
@andreaskam let me know how it goes! Available on mathias@timelyapp.com as well.
@matmik will do! Made this a default page upon loading chrome - should help me see where my time goes. Will feedback re: watch app.