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Why is it talking german to me?
@jarizwarts Hey Jari, thanks for the heads up! We missed a translation key on that page - should be fixed now!
Product Hunters, we'd also love to get your feedback on our ideas for future iterations of Timelog: - Editing of log descriptions - Editing of log projects - Export project logs as .csv - Export project logs as .pdf - Collaborative logging on projects - Invoicing directly from projects - API for integration with further services What else are you missing to make Timelog your default solution to track efforts on projects or clients?
Hey! Nice job. I really like the colour scheme. It wakes me up and makes me feel happy :-) The simplicity is great too. Really clear how to use it. [fyi... I've been getting a few 'Ooops! Someone ate your cookie errors...' when I click 'stop timer'. Using Chrome and Safari browsers on Mac.]
@prattarazzi Thanks a lot for the feedback, Eddie! Really appreciate it. Do you get the errors in logged-in or logged-out state of Timelog?
@herbigt @prattarazzi I've had them in both versions. I'm not sure if it's related to multiple browser windows. I wanted to keep one window open to time things whilst using the other window to look at other parts of your website. The additional information is: -Stop Action Error total:- Edit: I closed my browser windows with Timelog. I reopened 1 window. The timer was still running. I click stop. I get the error message. No event is logged. I refresh and the timer continues to run.
@prattarazzi thanks, Eddie. We'll look into but can't reproduce it reliably right now. Hope you can enjoy Timelog anyways for now! :)
@herbigt @prattarazzi Great job. I'll keep playing :-)
I'd love to use this. Signed up straight away in order to track specific projects. However, I face this issue: https://www.evernote.com/l/AMYJL...
@thibautdavoult Hey Thibaut, thanks a lot! Appreciate your feedback. Do you constantly get this message or only when you try to log something? A quick clean-up of your cookies should help at last. Hope you can enjoy Timelog anyways!
Hello Product Hunters! even though we haven’t been added as the makers yet, my pal Ludwig and I are excited to introduce ourselves and our project Timelog on Product Hunt. It’s a simple and beautiful platform for easy time-tracking, designed for freelancers and small companies. We wanted a simple solution for project-based time tracking across all devices. We’re already working on single log editing, collaborative logging and billing integration for future iterations. We’re in the middle of tackling some cookie-related hiccups but can’t wait to hear what you think! We certainly hope you’ll like Timelog and are available for you in the comments for further questions and feedback!