Track your time on a fully interactive timeline

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Always wanted to have a GANT chart for my life
@evankimbrell I'm actually building that right now! It's a hierarchical gantt based calendar with timetracking. I call it Tymtu (time-too)
Gorgeous new time tracking app with a nicely executed interactive timeline approach. iPhone /  Watch only unfortunately, but a nice addition in the time-tracking arena nonetheless.
Hey all, it's the founder here. Thank you @Ton for posting! Building Timelines was a personal endeavor as well, I was in a need to get my life more balanced and better utilized. I hope Timelines can do the same for you. I'm happy to answer all questions.
@luksape Lovely project! Hope you have a Mac app planned :)
@t55 thank you! As for mac version - yes, I do have it planned :). As well as tons of other things, this is just the beginning. If you want to keep tabs on occasional updates, you can sign up here: https://tinyletter.com/timelines/
@luksape Nice! Looking forward to using it :)
This might actually be great... I can't think of anything else that allows me to track how much time a spend here & there... Would love to see further integrations with schedules, fitness trackers, etc. so entries can be more & more automated. Nice work! @timelines_app @t55
@elizabethhunker @timelines_app @t55 thank you Elizabeth for the thoughtful comment! Regarding integrations - it feels like you read my mind there. They are definitely planned, probably for version 2.0. The combination of manual and automated tracking could provide some interesting insights.
Looks great! I will definitely try it out
@proclaim Thanks, David! Looking forward to hearing about your experience with it.