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Timeline.io allows you to easily provide, collect, and review feedback on web development, web design, and graphic design projects with your clients. But feedback itself isn't enough... harness today's tech to transform feedback into powerful momentum for your projects.

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Hey Product Hunt, 👋 Glad to have found this amazing community, especially as a first time hunter! Timeline.io allows you to easily provide, collect, and review feedback on website or graphic design projects with your clients. Want to enable your clients to click and comment on their upcoming website, web application, logo, or any other graphic? ✍️ Tired of endless, repetitive phone calls or nested-so-deep-you-can’t-find-anything emails? 🤯 ... Try Timeline! Timeline arose out of a pain point I personally ran into while running a web development company and simultaneously completing my degree in computer engineering (from University of Florida 🐊, for those curious). I’ll just be real with you: I got REALLY tired of ALL the time wasted by means of inefficient communication. It was tough to coordinate phone calls and video conferences with several clients when I was a full-time student, SO, in my spare time, I dreamed up this tool and after some time, it’s finally ready for the public’s eyes! Timeline is in BETA so please be as HARSH 😤 as you can be when checking out Timeline as I would love for it to work as well for you as it has worked for me (+ a few other colleagues). P.S. You may have notice a few grayed-out AKA upcoming features on the pricing page. We have A LOT planned for Timeline. Ultimately, we aim to incorporate several revolutionary features making it easier than ever to deploy your web projects. P.P.S. And since we mentioned pricing… Timeline has a “Free Forever” plan but if after checking that out, you want to use it with your team, shoot me an email at cody@timeline.io and I’ll get you set up with one of the paid plans 100% free for the whole period of our beta. Following our beta period, all PH’ers will get a lifetime plan discount. 💸
I typically do a combination of a few different tools for a tear down. For the web event... Is it taking a screenshot of a live web page?
@dredurr Timeline doesn't take any screenshots currently. From our perspective, we are doing one better by saving not only the source code (HTML and inline styling / scripts, if any) but a reference to the element as well, which lets you easily find comments from your colleagues & clients. With that said, we are still considering offering this functionality since some people are used to taking screenshots with other tools.
Love the product! Certainly a lot better than taking screenshots then making notes all over them.
I've been using Timeline for a while now and I've gotta say it sure beats my usual tactic of constant emails coupled with a dropbox link. It's truly just one of those products that fix something you never new annoyed you until you no longer had to deal with it. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the creative industry like myself
Looks great. Clean and well thought out. Any plans to integrate with Jira ?
I appreciate the kind words @spsrinivas30. To your question: a Jira integration is in the backlog! I can shoot you a message when it's ready if you'd like 🙂