LIVE ON KICKSTARTER WITH NOW WITH UNMATCHED EARLY BIRD REWARDS - Series 1 & Series 2 are watches inspired by Shibui - a particular aesthetic that embraces unostentatious. by the principles of Shibui, the clean look of the face, sandblasted steel case and slim designed numeral lettering all combine to create something decidedly undertstated

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Kickstarter link doesn't work, redirects to home page
@cridahtweets doesn't even look like they're listed on Kickstarter anymore after a quick search, unless the project is private.
@cridahtweets Hi Christopher. We are launching on the 18th. Sorry about the link. We'll redirect to the website for now
@bsradcliffe Hi Ben, we are launching on the 18th October. We'll post the correct link on launch date.
@bilaal_lakhi thanks for the update! Looking forward to learning more about these beautiful timepieces.
@bsradcliffe @chrisopherdahms Hi Guys, we are live now on Kickstarter :)
Hi, My name is Bilaal and I am the founder of Series. We are an independent studio inspired by Shibui aesthetics. We've been designing and prototyping our product for the last 2 years and are launching on Kickstarter on the 18th October. We genuinely appreciate support in any forms so please do go ahead and upvote and share our campaign with friends and family. Thank you



Classy designs



Thanks for the kind words :)
These appear virtually identical to the Linjer watches (exception is the small numbers that Shibui added to the face of the watch):
@ryanminnick Hi Ryan, All minimalist watches have a similar design and build but our watches are distinctly different to Linjers. We use Genuine Italian Calf Skin leather, our steel is sandblasted, the numerals add a complete different look and our index and hour markers are different. I could go on and name several more differences. Hope that helps :)
@ryanminnick Oh and we are much cheaper whilst providing better components
Before I started my watch brand it was called Shibui! Crazy.
@sammcallister Hi Sam, thats really interesting. Any reason why?
@bilaal_lakhi I liked that it encapsulated a simple, aesthetic beauty. I love everything to do with Japanese culture but I found that the name didn't resonate well with my target audience.
@sammcallister Yes it's a word not many people are familiar with. But we do love the Japanese approach to simplicity