Timeless | Meditation

Guided meditation + personal practice timer

Timeless exists to help people deepen and discover their meditation practice.

+ Multi-day immersions

+ Guided instruction emphasizing real techniques

+ Personal practice toolkit

+ In-depth progress tracking and goals

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Hey Product Hunters, We made the Timeless app with love, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It's the ultimate app for meditation, and the only large-scale mindfulness app made entirely with the effort of authentic meditators. Everything from the software architecture and user experience to the guided instruction and personal practice toolkit is designed by meditators, for meditators. Timeless offers multi-day immersions in various techniques of meditation, guided singles, a personal practice timer with customizable bells, and stats, goals, and progress tracking. Not only is it extremely useful, but the entire experience is beautiful as well. Check it out, let us know what you think, and help us spread the love. - Arthur (& The Team at Timeless)
Featured Timeless Mediation on my Snapchat https://vid.me/NzOZ
@sean_bakko Thank you so much! We are grateful when our meditators introduce Timeless to their friends, as this is exactly how we started: many friends in our community talking about maintaining or starting their practice, not knowing where to begin, or having trouble with discipline & consistency in their lives. As we continued to practice ourselves, we thought we had the skills to create something that was beautiful, distinct and simple, is in line with contemplative practices, and which meditators could see as different from the other apps, and appreciate the value of Timeless. Thank you for being part of our community, and helping others discover meditation themselves. <3

The best meditation app so far. Would recommend to anyone !


- No add

- Nice features


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wow. what a beautiful design ... love your colors schemes, icons are so cool, love that big round shape
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Looks like a beautiful interface, but as a meditator, I feel that while meditating, there should not be a time tracker. Its a blissful experience in itself that should last as long as possible, and not just while sitting in a particular posture, but in everything that you do throughout the day.
@arjun_tuli Absolutely. I am with you 100%. For most meditators (even expert yogis and advanced practitioners) a structure is necessary to reach the expansive state that you describe. This structure, or container, is exactly what Timeless offers. The journey is different for everyone - while making Timeless, we put a lot of consideration into tailoring the experience for each person's unique journey. Some of our friends just wanted an app that helps them relax when they get home from work. Others wanted a goal-setting feature that helps them actualize their aspirations, and so we built that. Most of all, I was happy to learn that many people are seeking authentic instruction in the art of meditation. Ultimately, the purpose of Timeless is to help meditators strengthen their practice and establish a sense of peacefulness and wakefulness in all aspects of life - on the cushion or not. I am glad that you highlight this ultimate aim, and this is the exact ideal that the Timeless app is in service of.