A unique clock and calendar visualization

Pretty but not the most functional imho (although that's probably not the point):
We seem to be obsessed with time related apps, considering this app and our Rise Alarm Clock. Timeless is an experiment in creating time visualizations. We will be evolving the app with new, distinct visualization themes—ones that perhaps change with environments or between time zones, etc. The next obvious way to extend the product is with watch faces for Apple Watch, once that opens up. Thank you for the feedback!
This clock is beautiful, but it takes time to know what time without read the text.
I downloaded and used. It's beautiful but it took me a while to actually register the date, calendar and time. Beautiful interface.
Obviously inspired by Apple Watch interface, so not very unique. What struck me, though, is the absolute lack of meaning for existence of such app. Why on earth would someone have an extra app with valueless interface to see what time it is when it's the first thing he will see when he press Sleep/Wake button (no app needed, works out of the box).
@robinraszka A circular visualization in itself is hardly original/unique, if that’s what you mean. As far as clocks & calendars, we feel it is unique. This is the first of many styles of visualization themes that we plan on releasing. When we started working on Rise, I heard the same argument on why would you need another app to set an alarm when iOS comes with one. We also learned (with Rise) that a *lot* of people like using their iPhone or iPad as a clock on their desk at home or at night. So the intention with this app is not something to quick check the time, but to leave on and be able to customize.