Timekit for iOS

Managing your bookings has never been easier.

Timekit for iOS is a simple, stupid way to manage bookings received via Timekit. Get notifications of new incoming bookings + see and manage them directly from the app.

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Hey ProductHunt - It's the Timekids again 👋 This time we just wanted to tell you that we've released our long-awaited Timekit for iOS. We have an extensive roadmap planned for the little mobile companion to Timekit, but for this first release, we've tried to keep it simple, stupid. You'll be alerted of new bookings, see all your assigned ones, confirm the tentative, or cancel already confirmed ones. Let us know what you'd like to see and we'll add it to the roadmap. ...and yes - Android is coming too.
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@klngnbrg What kind of professionals / businesses did you have in mind when building this?
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Hey @abadesi. Thanks for a great question. We created Timekit to help companies schedule with their customers at scale. Everything from setting up employees or assets as bookable resources, setting work schedule, creating booking flows, and in the end managing incoming booking requests has been created to make it as easy as possible. Shipping a mobile version of our admin dashboard was a natural step as a way to help you do this on the go. The mobile apps is both targeted our customers who are using the web version of Timekit admin and the customers who have built their own custom admins.
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