A comprehensive scheduling API (pre-launch)

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    Difficult to cancel subscription

    It is impossible to automatically cancel subscription on their interface. They ask you to click a "contact support" button that doesn't work (very suspicious) and they don't display any of their support emails on their site.

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From the founders of Timebird (earlier hunt: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...), Timekit looks like the root back-end that powered their first product. Interesting idea, considering the countless messages (via email, social, SMS) we experience and the associated friction of finding a schedule that works for multiple parties.
Jesper from Timekit here. Thanks for posting Dave. Yes Timekit is indeed the engine that powers Timebird. Ask me anything...
@KLNGNBRG Jesper - can you show us some docs without first providing an email address?
@nealrs Neal - currently we just do the live demo but what do you want to know? I'd be more than happy to answer any qyestions here :)
So this effectively gives everyone the ability to do what timebird does?
@Anderson760 Yes and no. Timekit does indeed power Timebird, but there a little more to the story behind Timebird than just the API.