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Michael Sayman — Teen Entrepreneur, @ Facebook
We live in an age where albums are no longer made, people restore their phones all the time, and memories are all but gone. Timehop shows us that we haven't lost our memories and that we have them in front of us, within our social networks. Looking back is very important for me and being able to do so with an app like Timehop is a great thing to have.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Timehop is delightful and a great example of how powerful nostalgia can be in driving engagement and sharing. It's been around a long time but if you look at the App Store rankings, it's consistently gotten traction. Here's a good article from @humburger on The Verge about it.

@michaelsayman do you or friends of yours often share Timehop photos (privately or publicly)? I'm curious how much of a single-player experience it is for most people.
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