Multi-step & spoken timers for your workouts & cooking.

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Jaidev Soin
Creator of both Productive & Balanced
Heads up: We've decided to go free for the first few days of launch before we start charging, so get in there quick! Hi everyone! We created Timeglass because we couldn't find a decent app that was flexible enough to time the things in our life we wanted to time. A lot of apps allow multiple timers side by side, but we found this was wasn't enough when doing workouts or more complex cooking. We found instead that a sequence of sub-timers (or steps as we call them) was perfect for solving this. Our goal was to make an app that was flexible enough for anything, be it cooking, exercising, or just little timers throughout the day (e.g. watering the garden). There are dedicated apps that are great for each of these things, but we kind of wanted to create one timer to rule them all... Cheers for the hunt, and I hope you find it useful.
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
Featured by Apple in 'New Apps We Love' - is this time tracking app I'm not much of a time tracker as it is, day by day but I see the value in setting multiple timers when cooking a big meal where different foods need different times etc. Not sure I'd need a new app for that though but I quite like the idea that you can save them so your regular Sunday Roast Dinner is already set up for the perfect times or even your workout.
Chris Davis
Founder, Data Davis
Jeremy Kovac
Product @Roadmunk, Building gSweets
Looks great guys :)
I use timer apps on my phone and mac all the time. This is really excellent, nicely done Jaidev. I really like how you can set "stages" of timers too. A couple thoughts, on the lock screen when a timer ends and you swipe, right now you can stop a timer, but it would be great if you could restart it too. One other would be to have a timer that starts counting upwards on a timer when it's finished so you could see how long it's been since it completed (but that's really not that big deal). Regardless, this is the best timer I've seen on the iPhone.
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